●Support trading with and investment to China

  It is inevitable for Japanese companies to associate with China which has been developed since reform and opening up. Image of China Japanese companies have is always changing. It is sometimes supply source, market, or manufacturing base and the change is caused by many factors such as economy, politics, and social situation. It is almost impossible to understand China on Japanese point of view. We have an experience in direct investment, purchasing, and imports & exports to China for more than 10years.We are willing to help solving problems of customers about China.


①Purchase in China  
  Cost cutting is an eternal subject for manufacturers in globalization. It is urgent task to purchase lower price parts from abroad for every company regardless of its size.

China may be optimal option from price, variety of products, and geographic point of view.

On the other hand, it can be most difficult one in terms of quality unevenness, business custom, and corporate culture.

We support desirable purchase in China with risk and quality management.


 In Dalian  Roll bender mold For ship building company Cast steel product(About 4t)
Working on planer (Material: SC480) SIZE L4000*W788*382h

   ※Weels for steel plant (Forged steel)( Material :SSW-Q1R) In Taiyuan & Dalian Outside diameter 870

Sets of forged steel weel and shaft
Material: SSW-Q1

In Dalian Wire socket (S45C、Die forging products)

Aluminum moding cover(Material: AC4A, Casting surface, In Dalian)

Heat resistance pallet for heat treatment
Material:SCH-13 (ZG3Cr25Ni12Si2, In Jilin)

Bearing Cover
(Casting steel, Material: SC410,Φ290*62h 10kg)

Casting iron product(Painted, Material:FC250)

Plastic mold injection product (In Dalian)

Heat sink aluminum & bronze extrusion (In Canton)

Plastic Box, In Dalian

Undestractive inspection(Ultra Testing)

Hardening of forged steel weel

In Dalian Wire socket (S45C、Die forging products)

Aluminum moding cover after machine
process(Material: AC4A)

Heat resistance pallet for heat treatment
Material:SCH-13 (ZG3Cr25Ni12Si2, In Jilin)

         Bearing Cover (Casting steel, Material: SC410, 430*160*325h 63kg)

Roller for Fairleader

Precise muck base plate (In Shangdong)

Extruded aluminum product for precise table In Shanghi

Plastic Box, In Dalian

②Direct Investment to China

 Direct investment aiming for China market is increasing rather than China as manufacturing base.

It is said that policy to increase domestic demands including public projects and care for middle class will continue in coming decade.

We have supported direct investment of various customers through marketing, feasibility study, and prototype manufacturing.

We can support labor management, accounting through introducing trusted professionals.

Machine moved to China, Horizontal machining center(Makino)

Equipments purchased in China
Large general-purpose turning machine

③Sales in China (as a market)
 There may be some disputes between Japan and China as countries but superiority of Japanese products is recognized in China. Though many companies hesitate to operate in China directly, analyzing and sharing risks among stake holders make it easier. We propose optimal business model for each company. Capital accumulation in China and generation change in business owner make business environment more and more businesslike. Our support includes legal advice from local lawyers, and contract preparation, translation, and modification. Best way might be forming alliance or licence agreement with Chineas companies. Direct investment is one of the most noticeable categoly in China.

④ Trading with China
  We can be an agent in export and import acting for acquiring an export permit in Japan and an import permit in China. We exported and sold second hand production goods such as machine tools to China.

Secondhand sales; Five dimension processing machine (Okuma)MCR-BⅡ30*65E-A (Applicable to export permission)



   Secondhand sales; Five dimension processing machine (Okuma)MCR-A5C 25*50 (Applicable to export permission)

    Secondhand sales; Vertical Machining Center (Okuma) MILLAC 1052V

    Secondhand sales; Double Colum Machining Center (Okuma) MCV-AII 20*40S

     Secondhand sales; Vertical machining center
M-H5A (7APC)


●Support Business in Vietnam

  We have reached Comprehensive Business Tie-up Agreement with GE Technology Co., Ltd in Vietnam.
GE Technology act as an Agent of Shigemasa Co., Ltd and support our business in Vietnam.
GE Technology Co., LTd. → Website https://getechnology.com.vn/